George Brattain, treasurer

Rick Burger

Kris Comar

Tim Crumrin, Designee

David Del Colletti

Mark Edwards, Secretary

Teresa Exline

Marla Flowers, Past Pres.

Gary Greiner

Rob Lundstrom

Pat Mozley

Eric Parker, President

Nick Pell, Vice president

Mary Caye Pfister, Designee

Larry Ratcliffe

Dee Reed

Steve Stofferahn

William Tanoos

D. J. Wasmer, Designee

Anna White

The management and administration of the Society shall be governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of a minimum of twelve (12) up to a maximum of thirty (30) Members of the Society, with the actual number of Directors established by resolution adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time.  These members of this board are the Board of Directors of the Society for purposes of the Act, as amended from time to time, and such board has all of the powers, rights, duties, and responsibilities of the board of directors of a corporation formed under the Act.  The current number of Directors of the Society is seventeen (17).

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